Gym Training

Physical exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle, along with balanced diet and good hygiene. We’ve been told about this repeatedly since we were kids and we all know that regular exercise offers a score of health benefits, including reduced risk of heart attack, better weight, lower blood cholesterol levels, and stronger bones and muscles, to name a few.

Surprisingly, even with all the information available about physical exercise, only a handful of us manage to do it on a regular basis, and of that handful, many believe that a few minutes of stretching and running are enough, not realising that the best workout methods your body needs are the ones delivered by a gym or trainer. So why do many people avoid the gym? Or what excuses do they usually make?

Can’t Keep Up with Everybody Else’s Fitness Levels

The idea of working out in a gym can be quite exciting, especially if you are determined to create the head-turner body shape you’ve always dreamed of. Once you enter the gym and see others make heavy-lifting and pullups look easy, that’s when the fear of not being able to keep up starts to kick in and everything else falls apart from there.

Too Busy

Who isn’t? That’s probably the response you will get from a company executive who still finds the time to go to the gym a few times a week. In truth, everyone has more than enough time for a regular workout. It’s just that only some will man up and actually do it. A person’s love for something can be measured by the amount of time they spend caring for it. When you go to the gym, think of it as caring for yourself. Regular exercise will help you stay healthy and alive for a longer time. Setting aside a few hours per week to go to the gym shouldn’t be that hard.

Feeling Fine without Working Out

Many people don’t take something seriously unless it’s urgent, and as it turns out, this kind of thinking is commonplace outside the gym. Most non gym-goers only decide to get into an exercise program when their belly is already hanging out of their pants or when they start feeling exhausted after doing simple physical activity. Look at physical exercise in a gym as a preventive measure rather than a cure to your deteriorating health.

Not Seeing Changes

Two important facts about achieving a well-sculpted body that you need to inculcate in your mind before going to the gym is that first, it’s not going to be easy, and second, it takes some time before you see results. Some start up gym-goers easily lose their spirit and start skipping sessions just because they think nothing’s happening, although they’ve just been in the program for no more than a few weeks. Even if they see the people around them getting in shape, they still doubt the effectiveness of their training until they experience the results for themselves.

Gym Is Too Tough

In order to obtain results, some gyms go to great lengths putting members through tough routines. They won’t let you rest until you finish every single exercise. Unfortunately, many newcomers find this kind of training discouraging and unnecessary. Providing a calm and enjoyable atmosphere to motivate everyone, trainers and trainees alike, should be the core of a gym’s training program and gyms like the Functional Training Playground in Penrith provide a safe space for people of all backgrounds and fitness levels to interact and train together.

Simply put, the best way to encourage everyone to take care of their health more by going to the gym is to help eliminate all the excuses. Today’s better gyms are already using a modern holistic functional approach to training. With this approach, it’s easier to encourage people to commence and stay in an exercise program.