We know staying fit and sticking to your goals can be tough when you’re on the road, whether you’re a seasoned business traveller or just headed out on vacation. With over 10,000 listings for fitness centres, grocery stores, health food stores and day spas, you’ll be able to stay on track in any city across Canada.

The collection of workouts found in this app is perfect for hotel room workouts and, like a personal trainer, will guide you through the exercises and timing. The app covers the full body and breaks down strength, core and flexibility routines into manageable chunks to accomplish that “quick body fix” when you have limited time.

This is a great calorie-counting app and it is super easy to find out the caloric content of foods by scanning the label or looking up the food in the database. You can easily link your actual consumption to target calories for weight loss, percentage of calories per food group (protein, carbs and fat), vitamin and mineral targets, etc. Once you have been using the app for a while you will find that you have learned the process of diet maintenance and become less reliant on the app.

If you are really detailed about tracking your workouts in a database so that you can review reports and charts, then this app is rich enough in features and flexibility to do all of your tracking. It requires a lot of consistency and data entry to be useful and doesn’t create the workouts for you, but does all the rest really well.

This is a pretty cool training app because it keeps you going at a fast-pace and if 15 minutes is all you have then this app can get you going without needing special equipment or lots of space. You can do these workouts in your hotel room and are great for an early morning rush or to supplement a bigger workout later in the day. A nice bonus is that it uses your music for background! By the way it’s hard to tell why the general public gave it only three stars but maybe we can change that.

We selected this app because yoga is so simple to get started with, as it requires no special equipment and it delivers almost immediate benefit. The beauty of this app is that it gives you just enough information to start learning the basic moves without overwhelming you with the longer term view (meaning yoga is a lifetime activity). The simple video and audio walkthroughs were a big part of my learning the repetitions to become self sufficient!