Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons Of Exercising

Pros: Increased Energy-

Many people assume that exercise will drain their energy for the day by leaving them dull, lifeless and will be unable to meet the demands of their busy lives but the exact opposite is true. Exercising can increase energy levels throughout the day.

Pros: Workout Booster-

Another thing is that if you are not exercising and feel tired, lethargic throughout the day, you’ll probably fear that you won’t have any energy to workout. Even if you think that way, once you start exercising you will find plenty of energy to finish the workouts. Once you get your blood pumping, it is certain that you will complete your workout and more energy than when you started.

Pros: Better Memory power-

If you trouble with your memory, all you need to improve your memory is with a  little bit of exercise. Research has shown that 20 minutes of moderate exercise performed three to four times per week can improve your memory function in all populations, including the elderly. So, if you feel a bit forgetful, all you need is a quick walk.

Cons: Increasing Risk of Injury-

If you have never done exercise, you may not know how to do specific exercises properlyand can lead to injury. If you want to start an exercise program, it is best that you consult your physician to make sure that you are physically fit enough to begin a program and then consult with a personal coach who can help you design a program specifically for you. These professionals can show you how to perform each exercise so that you won’t get hurt.

Cons: The Halo Effect-

Exercise can lead to suppressing your appetite, and many people use exercise to eat unhealthy foods or bug calorie splurges. Starting an exercise program, be careful not to allow what is known as the “halo effect” to distract your hard work at the gym. If you’re not careful, you can end up gaining weight from all those splurges that you think you’ve earned at the gym. Always keep in mind that you’re exercising to improve your health.

 Cons: Changes in Relationships-

It is a factor many people do not think about, when you begin a journey towards a healthy lifestyle like exercise, the other people in your life will not jump on board with you right away. One of the downfalls of starting a new healthy habit is that the actions taken to improve your health may damage the flow of some of your relationships. To some people, your new method for daily exercise may appear vain or selfish. Others fear that it will take time away from them as you spend more time at the gym.